Du 10 au 20 septembre 2020
Départ le dimanche 13 septembre 2020
Village public quai Vendeuvre


Apologies for no night message - was a foul night complete with 30 knots, driving rain and plenty of chilly sea water crashing over the deck, with the poor boat slamming into waves. Survival mode rather than race mode for a couple of hours in inky darkness. Child 's play, however, compared to what will be on offer in the Celtic Sea tonight, so it is a relief that there has been a sensible course change. We are on our way to the new waypoint and even though we only have 15 - 18 knots, there is a sizeable southwesterly swell.

Never a dull moment in this race. The passage through the Solent yesterday went well, even if upwind against the tide. The highlight was skimming along the north side of the Shingles, smoking waves breaking just a few metres away, Geodis just in front (useful if another boat does the depth sounding, and there WAS one large course alteration); Earwen and Al Bucq just astern. Sorry no photos - concentrating too hard on watching the depth with fingers crossed. The depth sounder read 3 metres at one point, but as the boat was heeled over...   As if that wasn  't excitement enough, some hours later we  tried out the large standing waves off Portland Bill. That wasn  't such a good idea, but it didn  't last long.  Campagne de France